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COLORGRAM® Staining Kit

The COLORGRAM® Kit staining solution is a master mix based on Eosin Methylene Blue and combines the Wright, Giemsa and Leishman staining in one product. It lasts for approximately 1.000 slides per kit.

Policromic Staining Kit – Eosin Methylene Blue
(Wright, Giemsa and Leishman)

  • Staining Solution: 1 x 250 ml
  • Rinse 1 Solution: 1 x 750 ml
  • Rinse 2 Solution: 1 x 1000ml

Performance: approx. 1.000 slides

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SlideInk® Plus & COLORGRAM® (english) SlideInk® Plus & COLORGRAM® Staining Results (english)

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