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NAT Medium with Swab, 2 ml (NAT)

Inactivate microbial viability for safe handling, transport, and processing at room temperature. Ensures optimal preservation of RNA and DNA at room temperature for up to 30 days.

Component: Guanidine salt and nucleic acid protectant (guanidine-thiocyanate, trisodium citrate)

Tube Size: 15 x 47 mm
Swab Type: Flocked/ Artificial fiber
Shelf Life: 2 – 25° C 15 months
Registration: CE, FDA
Packing: 30 pcs/ box, 480pcs / case

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Staining System for Hematology

The SlideInk® Plus together with the COLORGRAM® Kit staining solution is an automated smear staining system for laboratories of all sizes.

  • compact and light stand-alone-solution for staining of blood smears
  • easy to install and easy to use
  • precise and efficient coloring with minimal waste and reduced environmental pollution
  • slides are released dry and ready for microscopy

The COLORGRAM® Kit staining solution is a master mix based on Eosin Methylene Blue and combines the Wright, Giemsa and Leishman staining in one product. It lasts for approximately 1.000 slides per kit.

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Our products are used in different areas


Urilyzer® 100 and 500 Pro

Easy handling, highest quality and efficiency in a compact design.

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Urine Test Strips

CombiScreen® PLUS

Urine test strips with a variety of test field combinations for medical diagnostics.

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VET Diagnostics

CombiScreen® VET 11 PLUS

The veterinary urine test strip with extensive table concerning different animal species.

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Urine Controls

CombiScreen® CHECK

wide range, including pregnancy markers and microalbumin.

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Bio-Gram Diagnostics GmbH specializes in the distribution of in-vitro diagnostic test systems. We offer products in the field of urine diagnostics and hematology. Our customers are laboratories, hospitals, doctor's offices and veterinarians. When choosing our partner, we always choose high-end quality and reliability.

The first steps for better healthcare

Bio-Gram Diagnostics GmbH is an aspiring In-Vitro Diagnostic products provider based in Ludwigshafen/Germany.

Our goal is to be a strong partner in In-Vitro Diagnostic by providing our customers and partners with the latest innovative and high-quality products as well as prompt services. We promote individual and affordable solutions that exceed the needs and quality standards of your laboratory needs.

Our desire is to grow our business on sustainable values, contributing to the well being of our customers, suppliers and partners.

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